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Abroll container (open)

Abroll container open 1
Abroll container open 2
Abroll container open 3
Abroll container open 4

Abrol containers with an open top part are suitable for the collection of various kinds of waste such as rubble, industrial waste, cardboard waste, etc.

Standard constructive feature: backside two-leaf door; optionals; flap-door or liquid sealed flap.

Suitable for all current container lifting systems.

All movable parts such as door hinges and side rollers come with a greace nipple.

The standard equipment includes net hooks.

At the request of the customer on the open Abroll container can be mounted mobile tarpaulin.

The containers are covered with ground paint and final layer of paint according to the RAL system.


Type Size
(length x width x height)
Volume (m3)
S19 5250x2300x750 9,06
S24 6500x2300x750 11,2
S29 4500x2300x1000 10
S32 5250x2300x1000 12
S35 6000x2300x1000 13,8
S42 4500x2300x1250 12,9
S45 5250x2300x1250 15
S48 6000x2300x1250 17
S50 6500x2300x1250 18,6
S58 5250x2300x1500 18
S61 6000x2300x1500 20,7
S63 6500x2300x1500 22
S70 5000x2300x1750 20
S74 6000x2300x1750 24
S76 6500x2300x1750 26
S83 5000x2300x2000 23
S84 5250x2300x2000 24
S87 6000x2300x2000 27,6
S94 4500x2300x2250 23,2
S100 6000x2300x2250 31
S102 6500x2300x2250 33
S115 6500x2300x2400 35,7
S117 7000x2300x2400 38,5