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Abroll container with cover

Abroll container with cover 1
Abroll container with cover 2
Abroll container with cover 3
Abroll container with cover 4

Developed for roll-on/off containers, this weatherproof cover consists of a single-piece steel plate hinged lengthwise to one of the container's side walls.

By means of a pinion-jack mounted to the container's front wall, the cover can be opened at a maximum angle of 95 degrees; thereby the charging aperture is extended to cover the entire (container) floor space.

The steel sliding cover is a cover for roll-on/off containers. It consists of two plates on roller-bearings, which can be moved in such a way that charging becomes possible across half of the container's floor space.

The containers are covered with ground paint and final layer of paint according to the RAL system.



Type Size
(length x width x height)
Volume (m3)
S29P 4500x2300x1000 10
S42P 4500x2300x1250 12,9
S45P 5250x2300x1250 15
S48P 6000x2300x1250 17
S50P 6500x2300x1250 18,6
S58P 5250x2300x1500 18
S61P 6000x2300x1500 20,7
S63P 6500x2300x1500 22
S70P 5000x2300x1750 20
S72P 5500x2300x1750 22
S74P 6000x2300x1750 24
S76P 6500x2300x1750 26
S83P 5000x2300x2000 23
S84P 5250x2300x2000 24
S99P 5750x2300x2250 29,7
S100P 6000x2300x2250 31
S102P 6500x2300x2250 33
S117P 7000x2300x2400 38,5