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Stationary compator

Modular ENTRY 1M3‐45‐7

The Stationary Compactor Modular ENTRY 1M3-45-7 is a product specially designed for waste compaction solutions, in particular for compacting cardboard and paper, rubbish and hard plastics, wood, ordinary waste and similar recyclable materials. Modular ENTRY 1M3-45-7 is the smallest stationary compactor in the SOLE Rhino family of stationary compactors, optimized for economically handling small and medium duty waste.

Modular ENTRY 1M3-45-7 compactor is based of modular design, very compact in size, but with an extra large top opening and high volume trough put:

  1. Robust body is made of high-quality carbon steel, thickness 8mm, with optimized frame structure, reinforced by the 20 mm thick breaker plate for ultimate performances,
  2. Compaction chamber floor is made of high quality wear resistance steel,
  3. A set of strong retaining claws, integrated into breaker plate, prevents back flow of the material, which significantly improves compacting efficiency,
  4. Compaction plate assembly (ram) is guided by replaceable and self-lubricating polyamide guides with adjustable clearance, providing particularly smooth and quiet motion, as well as low energy losses. Compaction plate comes with the scraper blade which prevents back flow of the material under the compaction plate.

If happens, this material does not accumulate in the drive section of the compactor (behind the compactor plate) due to large-size openings in the compactor floor:

  1. Actuation system is based on crossed double hydraulic cylinder mechanism, carefully optimized for compact size and maximum compressing force. Double stage hydraulic pump system, equipped with the compression force sensing, enables very fast cycle of compacting sequence, as well as sensing of the the containers pre-full or full state, which is signaled by the compactor control system.
  2. Microprocessor control system is based on standard components available world-wide and easy for maintenance. Compactor plate can stops automatically in either retracted or extended position.

Optionally, control system of the compactor can provide a warning signal via mobile SMS phone network service which alarm the waste contractor that the container is ready to be collected for emptying. This option empowers contractor for optimally plan its containers collecting management system, based on just-in-time principle.

Due to its modular design, hydraulic power module and control module can be installed separately from the compactor body, enabling user for extra flexibility in installation. In addition, modular design of the stationary compactor Modular ENTRY 1M3-45-7 allows user to optimally configure its system by various hopper lids and canopies. Compactor discharge plate and accompanying ratchet clamping mechanism can be easily adapted for any container available at the market, upon the customer request.

Technical specifications
  • Motor rating: 5.5 kW (3x400VAC)
  • Compaction force: 255 kN / 200 bar
  • Nominal cycle time for one full compaction cycle: 45 sec (30+15sec)
  • Ram stroke: 1070 mm
  • Compacting plate height: 546mm
  • Compacting plate width: 1600mm
  • Compacting volume: 1m3
  • Compactor total weight: 2700kg